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Instagram is not the most ‘link-friendly’ platform. There’s nothing more annoying than a URL dropped into an Instagram caption – a URL that’s not clickable. There are a few ways you can add links to your content:

  • You can add links in Instagram Stories if you have over 10,000 followers
  • If you sell physical products you can set up Shopping for Instagram
  • You can pay to advertise on Instagram:

Paid Ad with clickable link on Instagram

  • And of course, you can add a link in your bio and add a “click on the link in my bio” call to action to your caption

But how about adding multiple links in your bio? Enter Linktree.

Linktree is a clever little tool that allows you to add multiple links under one customisable URL – a bit like a super lite website. You can check out my Linktree “tree” at my special URL: https://linktr.ee/yoursocialsmarty This is the URL you’ll find if you click on the link in my Instagram bio.

I am using a free account but there are loads of extras if you sign up for a pro account.

Are you using Linktree already? How often do you change your links?

Linktree - add multiple links to your Instagram bio

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